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The Sustainability Competences Course for Intermediate Learning Level Is Online

The Sustainability Competences online course for intermediate learning level is now available to learners starting Monday, 15 May. The Sustainability Competences course for Intermediate Learning is ideal for SME owners and wannabe entrepreneurs who want to learn about sustainable entrepreneurship’s practical and theoretical aspects.

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Developing Digital Competence – Digital Competences – Ep2

In today’s episode, we’ll be diving deeper into the different tools and resources available for developing digital competence. With the increasing importance of digital skills in today’s job market and daily life, it’s essential to know where to turn to develop and enhance these skills.

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Introduction to DigComp – Digital Competences – Ep1

Welcome to “Mastering Digital Competence”, a three-part podcast series exploring the concept of digital competence, or “DigComp”. In this series, we’ll be discussing what digital competence is, its different levels and aspects, and how individuals can develop and apply their digital skills in various contexts.

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History of Sustainability – Sustainability Competences – Ep1

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in entrepreneurship. To better understand the sustainability concept, in this podcast, we will take a closer look at its historical timeline, and the key events that have led us to where we are now.

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Financial Skills with Estelle Brack – Financial Literacy – Ep1

In this first episode of the podcast for the Financial Literacy pillar, Estelle Brack, expert in Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Skills, tells us about her experience with Financial Education and how it can help future or new entrepreneurs with setting up their own business and maintaining it.

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We are all entrepreneurs – Entrepreneurial Competences – Ep1

If you take risks, accept changes and uncertainty and act upon opportunities to create new social, cultural and economic values. The Entrepreneurial competences e-courses to learn how to act upon opportunities and ideas to create value for others and transform ideas into action.

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Entrepreneurial Competences Course – Intermediate level is starting!

The Entrepreneurial Competence course (Intermediate Level) is upcoming on our platform. This online self-study course Entrepreneurial Competences course for Intermediate consisting of 3 main modules and 6 live sessions is the second of a series of courses where we explore the 3 key areas of the EntreComp framework and relevant entrepreneurial competences.

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The Entrepreneurial Competences course for Beginners is out!

Today we held our 1st live session of the Entrepreneurial competences course for Beginners, namely for would-be and aspiring entrepreneurs and all those young and adult learners who have an early entrepreneurial idea or project or simply would like to explore the entrepreneurial dimension. 

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Find out about Digital Competences for Entrepreneurs

Introducing you to the fourth and last pilar of the e-learning structure. This time the focus is DigComp. Do you know what we have in store for you? What are the key competences for the future?

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Learn How to Create a Green Enterprise – Sustainability Competences for Entrepreneurs

“There must be more to life than having everything”, the American author Maurice Sendak once said. But what if we could have everything while pursuing this something more?

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Financial Literacy and Small and Medium Enterprises: Financial Literacy for Entrepreneurs

The second pillar of the project will explore Financial Literacy, a key for SMEs, as well as future entrepreneurs, in order to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to create, manage, and potential close an enterprise.

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EntreComp: the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework promoting entrepreneurial mindsets in European society

European institutions have always considered the development of entrepreneurial capacity a pillar of the development of European Union, both for the citizens of all ages and organizations called to generate economic activities for the market. In the last two decades, the discussion has been focused on being entrepreneurial or becoming…

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