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Learn How to Create a Green Enterprise With the Sustainability Pillar


“There must be more to life than having everything”, the American author Maurice Sendak once said. But what if we could have everything while pursuing this something more?

But do not get us wrong.

We are not talking about being greedy and continuing the unquenchable consumerism trend.

Right now, we have everything we need and so much more. But it seems like there is rarely enough. As a result, this wasteful way of producing and consuming products impacts the environment and poses an existential threat to us and the whole planet.

However, what we do talk about is creating more green enterprises and changing consumers’ mindsets. If we manage to do that, we will be able to end environmental destruction by introducing new and sustainable production business models and pushing consumers to make more ethical choices.

With more sustainable businesses and a larger base of environmentally conscious consumers, we can “have everything” (we need) while pursuing sustainability as the “more to life”.

But to create these green enterprises that are mindful of the environment, we must train the new generation of entrepreneurs. We must equip them with the skills they need to create their own sustainable businesses and identify opportunities for green innovations.

Are you an entrepreneur or considering opening your own green enterprise in the EU? The sustainability pillar of is the best place to learn more about the business sustainability principles you will ever need.

Let’s get to it.


What You Can Learn From the Sustainability Pillar of

The sustainability pillar provides access to new and existing high-quality learning material and courses for developing critical entrepreneurial competencies in favour of sustainability, agile and green entrepreneurship to make the next competitive and sustainable leaders of the European resource-efficient economy.

This pillar is aimed at entrepreneurs and aspiring young entrepreneurs, including students interested in sustainability and its system, values and ways of application in entrepreneurship, and need up-skilling or re-skilling.

The sustainability pillar will cover 5 main topics:

  1. How can you make your business more sustainable?
  2. Sustainable finances
  3. Entrepreneurship and green technology
  4. Entrepreneurship and the SDGs
  5. Sustainability and systems, values and futures thinking.

This pillar has a 6-week online course and a shorter 3-day intensive version for each proficiency level (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) in all the above training areas.

Each online course will include training modules with various learning materials and forms of training (short and long courses, webinars, masterclasses, lectures, and interactive workshops). These go hand in hand with a training syllabus and a guide to successfully completing these courses. Further, tools and additional learning and training resources, databases, and studies will be provided to complement these training programs.


Additional Activities to Learn Everything About Green Business

Apart from the training, you will also find additional activities to increase your entrepreneurial competencies. By organizing workshops, entrepreneurial networking café, mentoring and coaching sessions, we will attempt to form various Communities of Practice (CoP) to enable peer learning among the participating entrepreneurs and keep communities vibrant and meaningful.




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