Date: 27-04-2023

The Entrepreneurial Competences course for Beginners is out!

Today we held our 1st live session of the Entrepreneurial Competences course for Beginners, namely for would-be and aspiring entrepreneurs and all those young and adult learners who have an early entrepreneurial idea or project or simply would like to explore the entrepreneurial dimension. 

This is an online self-study course, where you will learn:

  • to build up a consistent entrepreneurial mindset
  • to think critically, to identify needs and opportunities, to recognise different approaches to problems, to generate solutions and create value  
  • to become aware of your potential and build up autonomy, independence and collaborative


To enroll, please register here


STRUCTURE and KEY FEATURES of this course

  • It lasts 6 weeks
  • You will get a certificate after passing the final test
  • You will learn mainly by yourself, taking about 3 lessons per week
  • You will also be able to attend 6 online live sessions, one per week from 10am to 11am CET, in which you will work with a trainer and your peers on a specific lesson (Don’t worry if you cannot attend all the live sessions, because all the relevant content and activities are uploaded to the platform and you can take them at your own pace).
  • You can attend the live sessions by REGISTERING HERE: 

Below, you can find the calendar of the next live sessions included in the whole course. We suggest you take the course as shown, but this is just an indicative calendar, you can organise yourself as you wish.

The next live session is next Tuesday the 2nd of May at 10 am CET.


We can’t wait to e-meet you and welcome you to our course!

Should you have any questions or should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to write in this Forum.