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Your personal data is processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 2018/1725 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies and on the free movement of such data.

The controller of the processing operation is the Head of the COSME Unit-A1 of EISMEA.

The purpose of this processing operation is to provide the interested public with the most relevant information about the Entrepreneurship4all Platform, including the subscription to the Platform’s e-mail newsletter and alerts. This site serves also as an access point to the Community where partners to the Entrepreneruship4all and interested third parties establish contacts. Registered users can also access the eLearning environment where training material is hosted and offered in the form of online courses.

Information about products and services

It is very important to us that we provide you with the highest level of service. In order to help us do this, from time to time, the Entrepreneurship4all may send you details of our products and services, which we think, may be of interest to you. If at any time you do not wish to receive these details, please e-mail us by using the contact form.

The replies to the questions are obligatory only when marked with an asterisk (*) or if (required) is specified in the questionnaire, since they are necessary for the verification of your data and the establishment of an account via which newsletters and alerts will be received.

The recipients of your data will be EISMEA staff members and the partners of the Entreprenuership4all platform who are respectively responsible for the management of the site and for the dissemination activity of the programme. The information in question can be communicated to bodies charged of monitoring or inspection tasks in application of Union law (e.g. internal audits, European Anti-fraud Office-OLAF). Third parties, such as external service providers having signed a service contract with EISMEA, may also have access to your data, where necessary for the purposes outlined above.

Your data will be removed immediately after your request to quit the reception of newsletters or alerts and, for registered users, after the request to remove their user account. You can perform such requests by sending us an email at

You have the right to access your personal data and the right to correct any inaccurate or incomplete personal data. If you have any queries concerning the processing of your personal data, you may address them to us via our contact form.

What information is collected?

Information that is gathered via the forms that you fill for the purpose described above. You can visit this page to see your user data. The information will not be re-used for an incompatible purpose. In addition, information is collected via the profile page given that you are a registered person in the Entreprenerurship4all community.

To whom your information is disclosed? The Entrepreneurship4all will only disclose information to third parties if that is necessary for the fulfilment of the purpose(s) identified above and to the mentioned (categories of) recipients. The EU will not divulge your personal data for direct-marketing purposes.

How you can access your information, verify its accuracy and, if necessary, correct it?

As a data subject, you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal data on legitimate compelling grounds, except when it is collected in order to comply with a legal obligation, or is necessary for the performance of a contract to which you are a party, or is to be used for a purpose for which you have given your unambiguous consent.

For how long is your data kept?

The Entrepreneurship4all only keeps the data for the time necessary to fulfil the purpose of collection or further processing.

What security measures are taken to safeguard your information against possible misuse or unauthorised access?

The Entrepreneurship4all places a great importance on the security of all information associated with our customers. We have security measures in place to attempt to protect against the loss, misuse and alteration of customer data under our control. For example, our security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as necessary and only authorised personnel have access to user information. With regard to our Web Sites, we use secure server software (SSL) to encrypt financial information you input before it is sent to us. While we cannot ensure or guarantee that loss, misuse or alteration of data will not occur, we use our best efforts to prevent this.

How do we treat emails you send us?

When you send such a message, your personal data is collected only to the extent necessary to reply. If the team responsible for the mailbox is unable to answer your question, it will forward your email to another service. You will be informed, via email, about which service your question has been forwarded to. Using the contact form, your email is not stored in the platform’s database.

If you have any questions about the processing of your email and related personal data, do not hesitate to include them in your message.

How we use cookies?

Cookies are text files that are placed on your computer or device by a website. Cookies recall if you have previously visited the Entrepreneurship4all website, as well as what pages you viewed. Websites can then use this data to tailor the information you receive whilst browsing, in relation to your previous visits and activity. The aim is to provide you with content that is of interest, and make your experience on the website as relevant and interactive as possible.

Cookies do not identify you personally. Any personal information that you provide us with via the Entreprneurship4all website is securely stored and is used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

We use cookies to help you navigate efficiently and perform certain functions. You will find detailed information about all cookies under each consent category below.

The cookies that are categorized as “Necessary” are stored on your browser as they are essential for enabling the basic functionalities of the site.

We also use third party cookies that help us analyse how you use this website, store your preferences, and provide the content and advertisements that are relevant to you. These cookies will only be stored in your browser with your prior consent.

You can choose to enable or disable some or all of these cookies but disabling some of them may affect your browsing experience.

Controlling or deleting cookies

Depending on which web browser you use it is possible to control how cookies are used, or to delete existing cookies from your computer. You can find instructions on how to control the use of cookies, or delete cookies from your computer on the About Cookies website.

Please remember that if you delete or restrict cookies from the Entrepreurship4all website you may not be able to experience the full benefit of some of the features and services the website has to offer.

List of cookies (The names of these cookies may change, for technical reasons)

Cookie Duration Description
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Third-party cookies

Some of our pages display content from external providers, e.g. YouTube and Twitter.

To view this third-party content, you first have to accept their specific terms and conditions. This includes their cookie policies, which we have no control over.

But if you do not view this content, no third-party cookies are installed on your device.

Third-party providers on Commission websites

These third-party services are outside of the control of the Commission. Providers may, at any time, change their terms of service, purpose and use of cookies, etc.

You shall have the right of recourse at any time to the European Data Protection Supervisor at